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  • Suggested daily schedule to productively work with your child in less than one hour each day
  • Over 400 activity suggestions to accelerate skill development
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What Parents Are Saying

My daughter loves this book. She has not put it down since we got it for her, and it's a big book. One of the best investments I have made in a while!

Stacy C.

Wow! I am very impressed with this product. When my sister said she was sending my 4 yr. old son a workbook, I didn't know what to expect. When I received this amazing resource I was thrilled! The worksheets (over 460 of them!) are very attractive and offer a wide range of learning opportunities for my son. Plus, the ten page introduction was a big help to me with lots of good information and guidance for a first-time mother. But best of all - MY SON LOVES IT!!! He asks to “do his schoolwork” as soon as he wakes up and even brings the book (which is pretty heavy!) to me. I'm delighted that my sister shared this resource with me and I highly recommend it anyone with a preschooler.

Lisa B

My 5 year old daughter sat down for 3 hours... yes I said 3 hours, (anything that can keep a 5 year old occupied for 3 hours is worth it) and worked on these worksheets. These are a good companion to my homeschooling curriculum. Very colorful and lots of different activities, including coloring, cut and paste, handwriting and math. She absolutely loved it.

Will H.

My 4, 3 & 2 year olds love this book. My daughter comes out of school wanting to do the book together. She literally did 25 pages straight, I had to stop her. I recently showed her teacher this book and she too is thinking of buying this book in using it in her class. I normally never do reviews and I did for this book because I'm just that passionate about this book.

Jennifer t

This book is awesome it has everything you need to get your child ready for school


I love the School Sparks worksheets. This book of worksheets was well thought out. There are tons of suggestions to help if your child doesn't seem to pick up the concept being taught. It makes learning fun.


Love, Love, Love it! It not only gives me the worksheets I need to teach my child his letters, numbers, fine motor skills, auditory & visual skills, but also gives great tips at the bottom of each page to enhance the skill! Very impressed with this product!!!


I have been spending time trying to “home-school” or rather teach my 3 yr old and 2 yr old things they will need for Pre-K and kindergarten. ... This book has been great. For my 3yr old, the way its laid out gave me a real understanding of what “skills” means: fine motor skills, recognition etc. not just how to count or memorize. My 3yr old enjoys working in the book and taking out the sheets. Its things she recognizes like letters and numbers but is learning about them in different ways such as tracing or matching and even math and graphs. She literally can spend about an hour easily doing sheet after sheet. While she doesn't do every activity perfect, I see that it gives her confidence as she moves on to the next activity and each time I see her getting better and better. ... As someone who was using a lot of online tools and videos, this is a solid foundation you can't get from online or video learning.


I couldn't be happier with the content of this book. I have a 3 year old, and it's been great with helping her to easily review things she already knows (colors and shapes... these pages are not repetitive) and also with helping to teach her the things she doesn't know yet (the letters... there are several pages for each letter). By far the best preschool workbook/product I've purchased so far.


We've been using the School Sparks website for a couple of years now. Save yourself some ink and buy this book! SO much easier!

Michael B.

School Sparks has long been a favorite of mine as I have ushered my daughter through pre-school/kindergarten. We used to go to their website and print out pages for the day. Then one day I noticed that they were selling this book and at a really fair price at that. We purchased the book and it literally came less than 24 hours later! The book was bigger (think enclyclopedia size) then I had anticipated. We continue to use this everyday without the hassle of tracking what I want down and using my printer ink. GREAT purchase!!!! I would give it more stars if I could!


I received my copy of your school sparks book from Amazon a few weeks back and i must say i'm completely blown away by how great a resource it is. So much for so little money. Great job!


I wanted a resource to improve my son's auditory processing and as an enrichment tool. I came upon this and it's excellent! As a teacher and mom, I highly recommend it for little ones!


I just received the book and am really impressed. Lots and lots of worksheets for your preschooler. Its a good value for your money cause it is as thick as a telephone directory.


Great book! I love it. I work as a preschool teacher and all the activities meet at least one of our goals that we have to assess the children on! Thank you so much for this great book!

Shawna W.

Item arrived fast and was a great buy for the money. Much cheaper than printing off the website!!

brian h.

Awesome Product!!!! 3 year old took one look and said mommy can we do that right now. Again Awesome!!!!!!!

Barbara S.

Easy transaction. Item arrived and was exactly what I expected. My daughter loves it and is constantly asking me to do her new workbook with her. As a parent I don't necessarily know what my child does and does not know. It is reassuring to do these exercises with her and see just how much she picks up from school and her environment.


I have been enjoying your website and decided to order your book. I am SO glad I did...the worksheets are fantastic and my daughter loves them. I love all of the helpful tips throughout the book. Thanks for making such a great product :)

Rachel O.

Quick delivery! Product was more than what we had expected:) Very great materials and high quality!

Christine J.

My 3 years old daughter can't get enough of it. She want to “play” with it as soon as she wake up in the morning.

Elizabeth K.

I bought this because I was sick of wasting time with printing and ink is not cheap. I got this and it is colorful, easy tear out pages, instructions, and just the price of one ink cartage cost the same as this 460+ page book and I wouldn't be able to even come close to printing that much stuff. It also has great hints and tips on every page. Hits every major topic for preschoolers and kindergartners. I recommend this to all my friends with young children.

Leanna M.

First - I love that the worksheets have been combined into a collection with a short guide on how to best utilize them. I absolutely LOVE the activity suggestions at the bottom of the page. Second - the paper/printing quality is great. The pages are perforated which makes it easy to tear them out. Third - I love her suggestion on learning phonics. When I first saw that the letters were not in order, I was a bit confused. Her reasoning behind it made perfect sense and helps to keep my kids encouraged. I am using this set for my 3 1/2 and (just turned) 5 year old. They both get so excited to complete the worksheets. I get excited about the activities. It is really a fun way for us to come together, learn, and have fun.


This is spectacular! There are so many worksheets and you could NEVER print off that many for the price of this workbook. It has so many pages and different activities. I'm so glad I decided to get it. I'm definitely happy with my purchase! I plan to get another one when our baby is old enough to do them too.

Catholic Mom

I just got my School Sparks workbook in the mail! I absolutely love it! I've been printing worksheets for a year and am so happy I made the purchase. Thank you!

Jessi B.

Really great book for helping young children get ready for school. Well worth the cost. Received quickly in very sturdy box with book wrapped tightly and securely.

Thelma W.

I reaaaaally love your worksheets. Thank you so much School Sparks, you're wonderfully awesome :D

Levine S.

I bought this book because my son that has autism was having trouble in kindergarten already.... NOT anymore! This book is HUGE!

Starr P.

I'm a mother of two boys, 6 and 4 years old. I can't afford to send my little one to a private preschool and the public school in my area is full. We've decided to let my 4 years old stay home. I used to search online for hours to get downloadable worksheets for him. Even though he is home I still want him to learn and not left behind when he starts kinder. It became time consuming and more expensive because of the ink and paper I used. Until I come across this book and gave it a try. The price is reasonable if I compare it to the prices of ink and papers I used for printing worksheets. Everything I wanted my son to learn can be found in this book.

Mom of 2 boys

I ordered this workbook because it provided a good basic review of some things that my Kinder child needed since we are starting to home school. However, it definitely has some advanced worksheets to challenge her at the same time. I like that it includes numbers up to 100 because so many workbooks at this age do not. I am also impressed by the amount of graphing that is included. We opened up the box and she was so excited to start immediately. She's worked about 10 pages this first day and seems really excited to be able to pick her own lessons for the day. This will be a huge time saver and sanity saver. One of the biggest challenges as a parent is making sure that my child is learning things that are within the core requirements. This workbook definitely helps meet those requirements. ... Edit update: It's been a month since we started our home school journey. She still loves this book. She brought it to me this weekend and asked for some pages to work on her own. I am very pleased with this purchase.


This just isn't your everyday Costco-type preschool workbook. This hefty volume of work sheets is pretty spectacular! Fun, simple, pages for kids to understand and complete - easy instructions including tips for explaining concepts for parents. Very thorough curriculum that allows learning that is fun to make sure your child is ready for school! I will order this for each of my little ones that are getting ready for school from here on out! Price is a little high, but I'm completely satisfied and would HIGHLY RECOMMEND!


This is such a bargain compared to printing these worksheets off at home! This book also gives instruction on how to best use it and how to prepare your child for kindergarten and beyond. I am using this with my 4year old and she loves every sheet I give her. There is a good difficulty range too.

dk “Mommy K”

I just rec'd my book... “School Sparks” book from amazon and I can't say enough about it!!!!!!!!!!! First, it's HUGE! I'm so excited, it's filled with over 461 pages of amazing worksheets. I can't express how thrilled I am. I'm going to be homeschooling my twin 3 yr olds and this will be part of their curriculum for certain!! You ladies are beyond amazing!!!!! Thank you for being so incredibly self-less with all your experience, and all your knowledge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

happy momma

This workbook has a wonderful group of worksheets that are colorful and easy for my daughter to use and understand. She will definitely be prepared for school in a year!


Couldn't wait for my School Sparks book. Found it on the internet after hearing about it on facebook. Ordered a second to share with a friend. The best Kindergarten readiness/ Preschool book I've found!

kendra k.

I am happy with everything about this order. Received promptly and in perfect condition. Thanks!

Crystal F.

Had this book sent to Spain, it took 2 weeks with no problems. Very happy with it. Recommend it.

Stella E.

Easy to tear out and there's a little something for everyone! I have a 4 and 6 year old and it's perfect!

Sarah M.

Item is the best purchase I have made online. Such a great idea!

Daniella K.

This book is great. It gives clear instructions on the top and at the bottom of each page it offers suggestions on activities to reinforce the lesson.


The book arrived quickly and was exactly as described. Thanks!

Lee K.

Beautiful, bright, colorful book. My 3yo loves the worksheets. They tear out easily. Well done.

Christina R.

My kids could not wait to start the worksheets! Amazing workbook for preschool through kindergarteners!

Rock D.