You can count on Christmas fun!

Christmas is here and hopefully you are having a wonderful holiday.  With all the excitement of the day, it can be a nice change of pace to sit down with your little one and have a few moments of quiet fun together.  These Christmas math worksheets can definitely entice your child to practice skills and she is sure to have fun!

E-book: Christmas Worksheets For Santa's Little Helpers

Begin with the three counting worksheets.  Look at the numbers following the pictures in each row and ask your child to name each number.  Then, encourage your child to point to each picture as she counts or mark each picture with her pencil as she counts aloud to encourage her understanding of one-to-one correspondence.  Of course, ask her to circle the number that represents the correct amount of pictures in the box.

The graphing sheets offer children the chance to sort a group of objects and identify the amount in an organized way.  Introduce the pictograph worksheets first, since pasting the actual pictures in the appropriate boxes is a concrete activity.  After your child pastes all of the pictures in the correct spaces, ask her to compare the columns using the words “more and “less” and complete the sentences at the bottom of the page.  (You can write the words for her if she is not yet able to do that.  Or write the words on a sheet of paper to serve as a guide.)  For the bar graph worksheets, ask your child to place a small X on each picture as she counts it and then place an X in the appropriate box to represent the picture.  I suggest directing your child to count all the like pictures before moving to the next illustration.  Also, remind her to build the graph columns from the bottom, as graphs “grow” to represent larger amounts.  Help your child complete the sentences at the bottom of the pages using the words “more,” “less,” or “equal to.”  The blank bar graph template will allow your child to create her own graph by posing a question to friends or family members and recording the answers.  For instance, your child may ask people to name their favorite part of Christmas and give them six options such as: Christmas dinner, the presents, decorating the tree, singing carols, going to church, or visiting friends.

The pattern worksheet asks children to identify a pattern and add the correct missing picture to complete the pattern.  Only four of the seven pictures are used, adding slightly to the difficulty of the page.  In the first row, the pattern is repeated for your child and she must extend the pattern.  In the second row, the pattern is completed once, and your child must complete the repetition.  The last row represents the greatest challenge, as a picture is missing from the first repetition of the pattern.  Guide your child to identify the pattern by looking at the last three boxes in the row.

Finally, there are two classifying worksheets to complete.  Cut out the pictures at the bottom of the page and set them aside.  Then ask your child to name an attribute that defines each box based on the pictures at the top of the boxes.  Once the attributes are named, your child can paste the pictures that have the same attribute in the appropriate box.  I suggest making more than one copy of each classifying worksheet and challenging your child to sort the pictures in different ways.  For instance, on the first classifying sheet, your child might sort the pictures based on color - all red pictures in the Santa box and all green pictures in the tree box.  Or perhaps she will decide to place all wooden items in the tree box and non-wooden items in the Santa box.  For the second worksheet, color can also be the deciding attribute.  Or your child may decide to name the snowflake box as “things that belong outside in cold weather” and have the stocking box represent items that belong “inside the house.”  Children can be very imaginative when they classify pictures and it is always fun to see.  Be sure your child can explain the attribute that defines each box before she begins to paste the pictures.

Enjoy this special time with your child and this special time of year!  Happy holidays and happy new year!


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