Tracing Numbers Worksheets

Writing numbers legibly and correctly is a skill that will be used throughout a child’s life. From counting and recording the number of beans in a bowl in the kindergarten classroom to writing the answer to a long division question in fourth grade, being able to write the numbers clearly and correctly is crucial to success with math and number activities.

Kindergarten worksheets - tracing numbers

The tracing numbers worksheets will provide your child with step-by-step directions for how to properly write each number. Also, each worksheet provides the opportunity to trace over dashed-line models as well as attempt to write the number freehand on the last line of the page.

As your child completes these worksheets, remind him that all numbers except for 4 are made in one continuous stroke, without lifting the pencil off the paper. Each time a child lifts his pencil off the paper, he complicates the number-writing process since it is often hard for little hands to put the pencil down again in the correct spot, leading to illegible numbers with large gaps between the lines.

Some numbers, such as 2, 3, 5 and 8 seem to be more challenging for children to master because of their multiple directional changes. Also, keeping the pencil on the paper for the intricate maneuvers can be tricky, as a child’s natural inclination may be to lift the pencil up each time he pauses for a directional change.

If your child is having difficulty writing these numbers, try practicing the first part of the number repeatedly until writing that part is comfortable. For instance, with the number 2, ask your child to draw the “slanted cane” over and over until he can do that smoothly. Then direct him to “add the foot” to the “slanted cane” without lifting his pencil. Sometimes becoming comfortable with the beginning portion of a number serves to build a strong foundation on which the child can continue.

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