The entire Dolch sight words collection of flashcards!

I began adding Dolch sight word flashcards to the website almost six months ago. The response to the pre-primer (preschool) and primer (kindergarten) sight word flashcards and activities I added was so overwhelming that I began adding sight word flashcards for the remaining words: First grade, Second grade, Third grade and nouns. Finally, we have reached the end of the sight word flashcards with the final group of Dolch sight word nouns.

Noun Dolch sight word flashcards

As you introduce your child to these sight word flashcards, consider spicing up your child’s learning with a few fun activities:

  • Ask your child to use these noun sight word flashcards, along with already learned sight words from previous lists, to create interesting or funny sentences. He can mix up, swap, take away or add flashcards to change his sentences.
  • As a variation of the previous activity, place some sight word flashcards face down on the table. Then ask your child to randomly choose 3 - 5 sight words and create a silly sentence with them.
  • Spread a variety of noun flashcards in front of your child. Then give him oral clues about one of the words (“It is something you wear on your wrist to tell you the time,” for example) and ask him to find the flashcard that matches the clues.

In the coming weeks I plan to add sight word sentences and sight word games to go along with these flashcards, so be on the lookout for those!

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