Spring into pre-reading skills this Easter

It seems like spring is just around the corner, especially now that we have daylight savings time!  But perhaps the biggest hint of spring is the abundance of Easter goodies lining the shelves of grocery and drug stores, along with decorations, baskets, plastic eggs and grass.  Many children are delighted by these signs of the coming holiday, so capitalize on their excitement by introducing Easter worksheets that provide practice with important pre-reading skills including sight word recognition, directional words, visual discrimination and auditory processing.  Some fine motor practice is also included to help solidify sight word memory.

Easter worksheets

To begin, show your child the tracing words pages that introduce the sight words.  Perhaps your child can sound out some of the words (eggs, grass, basket) and guess other words using the picture clues beside the words.  Ask your child to say each letter as she traces it and then read the completed word before moving on.  These words lead to the 16 sight words presented here.  Cut the words into separate cards and show them to your child.  Any word that she can already read can be put aside.  Help your child learn the remaining sight words by showing two or three new words at a time and providing lots of practice with drills.  For instance, you might lay the three new cards on the table and call out one of the words, asking your child to pick up that card.  After reading the words several times in this way, show the cards to your child and ask her to read each one.  As words are learned, remove the card to the “learned” pile, and add another new card.  In addition, practice with visual discrimination is found on the identical pictures page.

The remaining four Easter worksheets help children hone auditory processing skills as they listen for clues, directional words and syllables.  The syllables worksheets allow your child to name the picture at the left and then clap on each syllable as she repeats the word.  Your child can name the picture her way, as long as she uses that word to identify the syllables.  For instance, the wrapped box can be called a gift or a present and the flowers at the bottom of the first page can also be called a bouquet.

You can continue fun (and educational) games using the Easter theme by printing some of the Easter worksheets a second and third time and using the pictures on the pages.

  • Cut out pairs of pictures and glue each picture onto a square piece of tag board or cut index card.  Place the pairs face-down on the table to create a matching game.
  • Put three pictures in a row, using two identical pictures and a different third picture.  Ask your child to identify the matching pair or to pick up the picture that does not belong.
  • Show your child additional pictures not found on the syllables worksheets and ask her to clap for each syllable as she repeats the word.  You can even come up with some additional Easter words to say aloud for syllable identification.
  • Cut out the pictures of clapping hands, cutting out one hand, two hands, three hands and four hands.  Then place the four “choices” on the table in front of your child.  Say a word or show your child a picture (perhaps from an Easter greeting card or story book) and ask her to point to the number of syllables (claps) she hears in the word.

Or try some of these activities that highlight the Easter holiday:

  • Read some Easter-themed story books.  Stop before the end of the story and ask your child how she believes the story will end.  Ask her to identify her favorite part of the story and tell you why she enjoyed that element in the book.  Discuss some of the characters in the story and ask your child if she agrees with the actions of the characters.  Would she have acted in the same or different way?  How would your child have ended the story?
  • Collect any Easter greeting cards you receive.  Ask your child to spot some of the sight words she has learned.  Or perhaps she can spot some of the Easter-themed sight words in store windows or displays.

Check next week for some fun math worksheets with the Easter theme.


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