Sight Word Sentences And Bingo For Early Reading Practice

An expansive sight word vocabulary allows young children to read quickly and effortlessly. Since sight words typically break the rules of phonics (such as “one” or “said”) or are commonly used words (such as “the” or “and”), being able to read these words on sight helps children become confident and successful readers.

Sight word sentences

Once your child has learned a few sight words, sight word sentences are a great way to fuel his confidence and keep him excited about reading.

Kindergarten worksheets - Reading sight word sentences

After your child has learned all eight sight words on a page of sight word flashcards, introduce him to the accompanying page of sight word sentences. The sight word flashcards and sight word sentences worksheets are color-coded (yellow for preschool-level sight words and red for kindergarten-level sight words) and numbered to help keep the pages organized.

Each page of eight sentences incorporates the same eight sight words from the corresponding page of flashcards (plus other words that are familiar or phonetically easy to sound out). Using his knowledge of sight words, your child will be able to read his first full sentences. This success will fuel his confidence and eagerness to learn more words.

Sight word bingo

Sight word bingo cards are another great way to help solidify your child’s comfort with sight words.

Kindergarten worksheets - Sight word bingo

When your child is familiar with the 40 preschool-level sight words or the 52 kindergarten-level sight words, print the corresponding sight word bingo cards. After each player selects a bingo card, turn the corresponding group of sight word flashcards face down and pick one flashcard at a time. Ask your child to read aloud the sight word and then read the words on his card to see if he has a match. The first person to cover five words in a line (across, down or diagonally) wins.

Fun activities like sight word bingo and reading sight word sentences will help keep your child engaged and having fun.

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