Sight Word Safari board game!

Kids love games. Games with cards, games with dice, games with marbles, and just about anything in between.

As long-time followers of my blog already know, I believe that children learn best when they are engaged and having fun. With this in mind, fresh from adding the first grade Dolch sight words flashcards to the website, I wanted to create a fun and exciting game that would give children the opportunity to practice all the new first grade sight words they were learning. Allow me to introduce the Sight Word Safari board game!

Sight Word Safari game

This dynamic sight word game will challenge your child to collect five animal cards by wisely moving his playing piece across the playing board. Of course, he will need to correctly read each sight word that he lands on in order to successfully reach the animals. This game incorporates all of the first grade Dolch sight words. If your child is not yet familiar with these sight words, you can first print the free Dolch sight words flashcards and then introduce the game.

If you enjoy this board game, please hit the “pin it” button or “like” button below to share it with your friends. If this game gets a positive reception from folks, I will create similar board games for the preschool, kindergarten, second grade, third grade, and noun sight words lists. My test audience (my grandsons) loved this game, so I hope you enjoy it also.

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