Reading fun continues with more easy-to-read Dolch sentences

Nearly one year ago, I began adding Dolch sight words flashcards to the School Sparks website. I began with just the Dolch pre-primer (preschool) and primer (kindergarten) flashcards, believing those would be most relevant for the School Sparks’ followers. Little did I know how popular these sight words flashcards would become. As hundreds of thousands of wonderful parents and teachers downloaded the free flashcards and corresponding sight word games and easy-to-read sentences, I quickly realized I needed to add flashcards, games, and easy-to-read sentences for the remaining First Grade, Second Grade, Third Grade, and noun Dolch lists.

Today I am so thrilled to be adding the very final set of Dolch sight words sentences to the website. (After clicking on the preceding text link, just scroll to the bottom of the worksheets for this last set of six).

Noun Dolch sight word sentences second half

These sentences correspond to the sight words on the second half of the Dolch noun list. These sentences include exciting names, places and items that children can easily identify with and get excited by. Just watch your child’s confidence in reading soar as he easily reads these fun sentences.

I hope you and your child have enjoyed all of the sight word flashcards and corresponding sight word sentences and games available on the School Sparks website. There is nothing quite like seeing a child become excited by reading and I hope these sight word resources have helped your child do just that!

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