Number 7 worksheets

Let’s salute number 7 as it joins the Number Parade! The number 7 worksheets will introduce your child to the formation of the number 7, illustrate the amount the number 7 represents, and introduce the word for the number 7. As with all number parade worksheets, you will find additional tips and activity suggestions on each worksheet designed to help your child gain comfort with this number in fun and engaging ways.

Kindergarten worksheets - number 7

The number 7 is an easy number to recognize, as it has one long, diagonal line and one sharp angle. When your child uses his finger to trace the inside of the number on the first number 7 worksheet, point out how the downward stroke is a straight line that is slanted, unlike the long downward stroke on the numbers 1, 4, or 9 which are completely vertical. Then ask him to color in the outline of the number 7, perhaps using 7 different colors to completely fill the white space inside the number. Encourage your child to count with one-to-one correspondence by asking him to touch each picture on the worksheet one time as he counts aloud to 7. Then let him find the word for the number 7 and “read” it. If your child is accumulating sight word cards on a ring, add this one to his collection by writing it on a blank flashcard.

The number scramble is a fun way to practice recognizing the number 7 when it is surrounded by other numbers. You will notice that most of the numbers surrounding the number 7 are those made with straight lines. The number 1 is the most similar to the number 7 and the number 2 also has a diagonal line, so those are the numbers that your child will need to be extra careful to avoid. Suggest to your child that he slide his finger along the path, connecting each number 7 to the next by moving up, down, or across, but never diagonally. When he has comfortably identified the path, he can connect all of the 7s using a pencil or marker.

The third worksheet gives your child practice spotting the number 7 and identifying groups containing 7 items. You may ask your child to glance at the different groups to see if he can guess which has seven. Then let him count to see if he was correct. Crossing out groups that do not contain seven pictures makes it easier to complete this page.

The fourth worksheet is a “cut and paste” worksheet that will give your child some fun counting practice while he again identifies the number 7. Ask your child to count the seven pictures he chooses and place them on (and above) the plate marked with a 7. After he recounts the group of food items he selected to check his answer, he can paste the pictures on the plate. Make sure he does not cover the number 7 with a food picture so that when he looks back at this worksheet for review, he can see the number 7 and recount the group of 7 items.

After your child has completed all of the number 7 worksheets, don’t forget to print the number 7 tracing numbers worksheet. This worksheet will give your child important practice tracing and writing the number 7. Writing this number is almost as easy as writing the number 1. Just remind your child to keep his pencil on the paper and stop briefly after making his horizontal line to get a nice point before making the next downward diagonal stroke.

As your child completes the number 7 worksheets, you can supplement his learning with some fun and easy activities. To reinforce the number 7, show your child a picture of a rainbow, or draw a rainbow yourself. Label each color (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet) and ask your child to count the different colors. Then give your child the 7 crayons needed to make the rainbow and let him draw some rainbows himself. Also, you can let your child choose 7 pieces of food for a snack to make his own 3-D “7 plate.” Perhaps he will choose 7 grapes, 7 cookies, or 7 strawberries. Or maybe he will want to choose 7 different snack items for his plate.

Coming nest week: Number 8!

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