New Worksheets - Distinguishing Different Sizes and Identifying Syllables

We just added a new set of beginning and intermediate worksheets on distinguishing different sizes to our collection of kindergarten worksheets.

Kindergarten worksheets - distinguishing different sizes

It is often challenging for young children to observe subtle differences between similar pictures or objects. Identifying differences and similarities among different illustrations requires strong visual discrimination skills, since many shapes, colors, and objects share similar characteristics. Strong visual discrimination skills will help your child in all areas of the kindergarten classroom including language arts, mathematics, and social interactions.

The beginning, intermediate and advanced worksheets in this collection will give your child the opportunity to practice observing minor differences in otherwise identical illustrations and strengthen his overall visual discrimination skills.

We also added a new set of intermediate worksheets on identifying syllables to our collection.

Kindergarten worksheets - identifying syllables

Words are typically comprised of many different word parts, or syllables. To become a confident reader and writer, your child will need to be able to identify the different syllables in words.

The intermediate and advanced worksheets in this collection will give your child important practice saying words aloud and counting the number of syllables in each word.

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