New fine motor worksheets: Tracing outlines

I am always looking for engaging ways to help children practice pencil skills and these tracing worksheets fit the bill. With whimsical pictures to outline on these colorful worksheets, children can practice their fine motor skills and have fun.

Kindergarten worksheets - Tracing outlines worksheets

As with any fine motor activity, it is important to check your child’s pencil grip to ensure he is holding the pencil correctly. He should be pinching the pencil between the pointer finger and thumb of his dominant hand and supporting the pencil with the middle finger. Also, remind your child to rest his pinky finger and side of his hand on the paper, moving his pencil with this fingers rather than his wrist or arm. Finally, direct your child to use his non-dominant hand to hold the page and turn it slightly as he works.

I recommend introducing the beginning level worksheets first, even if you believe that your child has strong pencil skills. Correctly tracing along the dashed lines means moving the pencil in a variety of directions while keeping an eye on both the picture and the dashes. Beginning-level pages can provide all children with important practice and positive reinforcement. As your child’s comfort with this activity increases, ask him to complete the intermediate-level worksheets that feature more intricate pictures.

When your child has completed these tracing outlines worksheets, coloring books provide additional opportunities to hone fine motor skills. Not only can you child color in each picture, but he can also trace outlines of the pictures. Before your child begins coloring on the page, tape a piece of transparent paper or white printer paper over a picture that your child selects. He can use a colored marker to trace over the black outline of the picture, as it may be easier for him to see a colored line rather than a gray pencil line. When your child has finished tracing a picture, show him how he was a “human copy machine” and created a copy of what was on the page.

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