New e-book: Stepping Stones for Early Readers

When young children begin reading in a fun and relaxed environment, they are positioned for success. Creating the right environment for your young reader is as simple as having the right tools, information and resources.

With this in mind, I am thrilled to announce my second free e-book, Stepping Stones For Early Readers (download from our kindergarten worksheets page, featured on the top right).

E-book: Stepping Stones For Early Readers

This e-book provides tips for helping your child become a confident and successful young reader through a combination of activities such as learning sight words, getting familiar with word families (groups of letters that appear frequently together, such as “-at” or “-ing”), and understanding the meaning of basic punctuation. The e-book also includes all of my early reading resources in one place for easier printing: 92 Dolch sight word flashcards, 96 easy-to-read sight word sentences, 10 sight word bingo cards, and 10 word family sliders.

And please check back on Wednesday when the newest member of the Alphabet Parade, the letter P, marches onto the website, together with 6 worksheets designed to help introduce your child to the sound the letter P makes, how to spot the letter P in a word, and how to write the uppercase and lowercase versions of the letter.

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