New e-book: Fun Math For Young Learners

For some children, math can be an intimidating subject. However, with the proper foundation of skills, any child can be comfortable working with numbers and can view himself or herself as a successful math student. Creating the right environment for your young child to gain this foundation of basic math skills is as simple as having the right tools, information and resources.

It is this idea that motivated me to write my third free e-book, Fun Math For Young Learners. It is featured on the top right corner of our kindergarten math worksheets page.

E-book: Fun Math For Young Learners

This e-book includes a brief discussion of the five main components of any basic math program:

  1. Number recognition and formation
  2. Counting, including skip counting and “counting on”
  3. Pattern identification and creation
  4. Sorting and classifying
  5. Graphing

In addition, this e-book includes time-tested tips and strategies (plus 38 worksheets) for helping your child quickly and easily gain a strong foundation in these areas. With practice, your child will become comfortable with these basic math and number concepts, which form the foundation of more advanced math lessons taught later in school. Perhaps even more importantly, when your child is comfortable working with numbers, he will quickly view himself as “good at math” and will carry that confidence with him as he tackles more complicated math concepts.

Also, please check back on Wednesday when the newest member of the Alphabet Parade, the letter H, is introduced. As always, this letter will include 6 worksheets designed to help introduce your child to the sound the letter H makes, how to identify the letter H in a word, and how to write the uppercase and lowercase versions of the letter H, plus fun activity suggestions for helping your child more quickly learn about the letter.

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