New e-book: Easter board game and activities for young kids

The Easter worksheets and Easter math worksheets I created earlier this week were such a hit that I decided to package them all together in one e-book so people could more easily download and print all 21 worksheets.

E-book: Easter board game and activities for young kids

Of course, though, I couldn’t just stop there! Shortly after creating the 21 Easter worksheets, I had a great idea for an Easter-themed counting game. So, to join the worksheets in the e-book, I created an exciting Easter-themed board game called Bunny+Egg that will challenge your child to use his playing piece to hop around the backyard game board, collecting Easter eggs as he goes. The catch is that each player can only keep the eggs he or she finds if the player is able to successfully complete the basic addition problem that accompanies each set of eggs. At the end of the game, the player who collects the most eggs is the winner!

This e-book and board game are featured on the Easter worksheets section of my website, in the upper right corner of the page.

I hope you and your children enjoy this Easter board game and each of the Easter worksheets I created. Happy Easter!

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