New e-book: Christmas Worksheets For Santa’s Little Helpers

The holiday season is a special time each year. Children are typically on vacation from school and most parents have a few extra days off from work, making it a lovely time to spend with your family and loved ones. As my holiday gift to you, I created my fourth e-book: Christmas Worksheets For Santa’s Little Helpers.

This e-book is featured on the top right corner of our Christmas worksheets page, under the “Holiday Themes” category of worksheets.

E-book: Christmas Worksheets For Santa's Little Helpers

The first 10 Christmas worksheets give children important practice with a variety of different activities. For example, your child will enjoy adding important Christmas-related words to his sight word vocabulary and using this knowledge as he reads words on signs and cards during the holiday season. Your child will also be able to practice following directions, such as whether to paste an ornament to the left or right of a decorated Christmas tree. He will also strengthen his visual discrimination skills by observing which of the four Santas in a row is facing the wrong way, for example. Lastly, the worksheets provide important opportunities for your child to improve his handwriting and to practice identifying the first letter in common holiday words.

Of course, no e-book for Christmas worksheets would be complete without a collection of Christmas math worksheets. The 11 Christmas math worksheets in this e-book give children a fun way to hone critical math skills such as counting, sorting, classifying, graphing, and patterning. I also included a blank, red and green bar graph template so children can spend the holiday season polling friends and family with holiday-themed questions.

I wish you all the best for a happy, healthy, and meaningful holiday with your loved ones.

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