New e-book: All Children Can Be Great Listeners

Long-time followers of my blog are probably already aware of how important I believe listening skills are for young children. In both my preschool and kindergarten classrooms, those children with strong listening skills unquestionably had a large advantage over those children who lacked strong listening skills. For example, the children who listened well were always the first ones to understand how to properly complete a new task or to hear where to line up for a particular activity. Also, children with strong listening skills thrived in social situations, since they were able to listen to their peers, follow the rules of a game, and generally cooperate more easily with others.

The good news is that I truly believe all children can be wonderful listeners who follow directions the first time, every time. Of course, as a seasoned teacher, I had lots of tricks up my sleeve for helping children improve their listening skills. In the hopes of sharing this knowledge with others, I am thrilled to announce my latest e-book: All Children Can Be Great Listeners. This e-book is featured on the top right corner of our kindergarten worksheets page.

E-book: All Children Can Be Great Listeners

This e-book is outlines a simple, 3-step plan for immediately improving any child’s listening. The e-book also includes 12 activity suggestions and 20 worksheets that are designed to be fun and engaging for kids - while helping them hone important listening skills!  I used this 3-step plan and the included activities time after time in my classrooms and found them to be the most effective way to quickly help a child become a better listener.

I hope you enjoy this e-book and have fun with your child helping him become a better listener.

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