“Memory Game” With a Twist of Rhyme

Children learn best when they are engaged and having fun. So it only makes sense that games are a wonderful way to engage your child as he learns important new skills. Oddly, there are so few games focused on helping children develop early education skills beyond simple ones such as counting to 5 as a player moves his piece along a game board.

As a companion to the new collection of rhyming worksheets added to the website yesterday, and in the hope of giving parents one more resource for engaging their children in skill development, I created a classic Memory-style game “with a twist of rhyme.”

After your child is comfortable identifying rhyming pairs of words and can successfully complete the entire collection of rhyming worksheets, try playing a game of Rhyming Memory.

Kindergarten worksheets - Rhyming words memory game - Phonemic Awareness

Cut apart the 16 pictures on each page and turn them face-down on a table. Beginning with three or four pairs of rhyming words, take turns with your child turning over two cards at a time as you hunt for a rhyming pair of words. As your child’s confidence grows, you can gradually add more rhyming pairs until you are playing with a full game of 8 rhyming pairs.

Once your child is able to easily play using all 8 rhyming pairs from the first sheet in the game set, add the additional 16 pictures from the second sheet in the set to increase the challenge.

I hope you and your children have a ball playing Rhyming Memory.

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