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Today we have a very special visitor: Deborah Stewart from Teach Preschool. Deborah is one of the very first bloggers I discovered when I first began scouring the internet for quality educational materials and ideas for preschool- and kindergarten-aged children. Deborah is a seasoned educator and curriculum developer that, like me, has a keen interest in early childhood education. Her passion for educating young children is abundantly apparent with each blog post she shares on her website and I immediately became a regular visitor to her blog. I encourage you to enjoy her post, below, and then head over to her site to enjoy more of her exciting activity ideas for young kids.

Blueberry Snack Math and Fine Motor Skills
By Deborah Stewart
Blueberries are such a fun fruit because not only do they smell great and taste great but they are also the perfect snack for promoting fine motor development and math skills.

Before our snack time began, I gave each of my students a small cup of blueberries and a tray lined with paper towels. I marked with the numbers 1 through 5 down the left hand side of their paper towels in advance.

I invited my Pre-Kindergarten age students to use our wooden tongs to pick up their blueberries and place the correct number of blueberries beside each number.

The children took their time working with the tongs and counting blueberries. Along the way, I would ask the children to count for me their blueberries or offer them my assistance if they needed it.

It takes quite a bit of concentration to pick up tiny blueberries with a set of tongs which means the children were getting great practice at controlling and strengthening their fine motor skills.

And as the children counted and organized the blueberries by each number, they were building critical mathematical thinking skills such as one-to-one correspondence, rote counting, and number recognition.

Once the children wrapped up their counting, it was time to wash hands and blueberries so they could get down to the best part of this learning exercise which of course was eating their blueberry snack!
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