Math fun for Halloween

With the collections of candy during the Halloween holiday, math skills practice can happen naturally!  The counting, sorting, graphing, patterning, adding, and subtracting opportunities abound!  The candy pieces are a great way to engage a child’s interest, so take advantage of this fun time to help your child hone some important math skills. In addition to the fun activities listed below, take a look at the colorful Halloween math worksheets that will surely grab your child’s attention.

Kindergarten worksheets - halloween math worksheets

For example, ask your child to take a survey about Halloween costumes. She can poll friends and neighbors to find out what they are wearing for Halloween. Then, ask your child graph the most popular answers on a blank graphing sheet. You can help set up the graph for your child. If your child enjoys surveys and graphs, he can also poll friends and neighbors regarding their favorite Halloween candy.

Counting practice is fun when your child is counting the number of candy in the bags you buy to pass out to children or when she brings her own collection home. Remind her to touch each piece of candy as she counts one more to reinforce her skill with one-to-one correspondence.

Ask your child to sort the candy he collects or that you buy into separate piles. Then have a discussion to compare the piles. Can your child guess which pile has the most pieces of candy? Since candy varies in size, your child will have to count each pile to see if his guesses were correct.

Ask your child to select several candy pieces of the same kind. Using these duplicates, ask him to create a pattern. Remind him that a pattern is a sequence that repeats at least one time.

Use the candy for some subtracting practice. Show your child a pile of candy and ask her to count the amount. Then create a number sentence that describes some candy being eaten. (For example, “Jane had 6 Crunch bars. She ate 3. How many Crunch bars does she still have?)

Create some addition story problems in the same way, using your child’s candy pile for inspiration! (For instance: “Bobby has 6 Butterfingers and 4 Almond Joy bars. How many candy bars does he have in all?)

When candy is involved, math is sure to be fun!


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