Make this Fourth of July really “count”

With the Fourth of July coming in the middle of the summer break, it is an especially good time to practice and hone math skills that may just be starting to get rusty!  These Fourth of July math worksheets will present ideal opportunities to review and practice a variety of math skills while focusing on this important American holiday.

Fourth of July math worksheets

Several worksheets involve counting pictures, so watch as your child touches each picture one time to practice his one-to-one correspondence skills. Graphing pages provide opportunities to compare amounts along with counting practice. The addition page also requires accurate counting. Encourage your child to first count each group separately and then to count all of the pictures without stopping to determine the total. Your child may wish to write the individual amounts under each box before he writes the answer in the ending blank square.

As your child approaches the three rows of patterns on the patterning page, ask him to touch each picture in the row and says its name to identify the pattern. Then ask him to say the name of the picture that he believes will fill the blank spot as he repeats the pattern aloud to see if his guess fits. He can then find that picture in the group below and paste it in the correct blank space.

The classifying page offers a great opportunity for children to be creative and possible think outside of the box. There are several ways in which children can group the selection of pictures under the two pictures at the top of the boxes. Because there are several ways to complete this page, it may be fun to print more than one of each worksheet so that your child can have a second chance to classify the pictures in a different way. Remember, as long as your child can name the attribute that defines the group of pictures, and those pictures fit the category, then he is correct. For example, your child may create a group of “red things” under the watermelon, or he may decide to collect pictures of foods to go in the watermelon category. Ask your child to name the attribute that defines each group of pictures as he sorts them.

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