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School may have started a few weeks ago in your area or perhaps it started this week after Labor Day.  In any case, I am sure that you are curious about your child’s impression of his classroom (or daycare setting if that applies), his teacher and other students Often, children are at a loss for accurately describing an environment or reporting their feelings.  I remember feeling a bit frustrated when my eager question “How is school?” was met with a pleasant, but quick “It’s fine.”  That answer certainly did not satisfy my curiosity!  To help initiate a more accurate and complete conversation about your child’s school, I recommend checking out my free “Back To School” e-book.

Back to school activity pack

This e-book includes a colorful picture of a vibrant elementary school classroom and would be a great jumping off point to start a meaningful dialog with your child about the first days and weeks of school.  Show your child the picture and ask him how his classroom is similar or different from the picture.  After he has had time to review the picture, you can ask some specific questions to guide your discussion.  For instance, you might ask your child: Do children in his class have separate desks or do they work at tables with other children?  Does his teacher look like the teacher in the picture?  What activities does he see children doing in the picture?  Are these activities similar to those in his classroom?  Where does he hang his backpack and jacket?

In addition to discovering more details about your child’s school environment, the School Sparks picture provides opportunities for your child to practice auditory processing, visual discrimination and social / emotional skills.  The guide offers sample questions and directions for using the picture to hone these important skills and initiate conversations about school and your child’s feelings.

I hope that your child is excited by the new school year and has a wonderful time learning and growing this year!

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