Let’s make Easter extra fun!

It seems like Spring is here - finally! And with Easter right around the corner, the stores are already promoting the holiday with candy, baskets, and plastic eggs filling the most visible shelves. Young children love holidays with family gatherings, and of course, the candy!  Now is the perfect time to add to the fun of the holiday with some appealing Easter worksheets that focus on the Easter theme!

Easter worksheets

This first set of Easter worksheets provides practice with fine motor skills, word recognition, visual discrimination, and auditory processing. The sight word cards and the word tracing sheets introduce 18 new words for young readers to learn. Some of these sight words can be decoded following phonics rules, such as Sunday, eggs, grass, chick, hunt, bunny, basket, candy, and gifts. Others may need to be memorized, such a chocolate, dye or flowers. Either way, your child will likely feel proud and excited to add new words to his growing sight vocabulary. Identifying one different picture in a group of four will help hone visual discrimination skills. The auditory processing worksheets ask children to listen for directions, listen to clues, and identify syllables in words.

These bright and colorful worksheets filled with Easter pictures and words will hopefully add to an enjoyable Easter celebration for your family this year.  Look for more information on Easter themed math worksheets later this week!


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