It’s Time For School

It is time to head back to school!  To celebrate this exciting time, I just created a “Back To School” e-book that will help make any young child’s transition to school smooth and stress-free.

Back to school activity pack

I know that, for many young children, going to school can be an exciting, scary, thrilling, fun, or terrifying (or all of the above!) time. This e-book includes a variety of worksheets and activity suggestions to help you prepare your child for the start of school.

The e-book includes an adorable classroom scene that your child will love! Using this scene, the e-book has a variety of conversation prompts to get your child talking about school. Are the children coloring? Are they talking to each other? Are they working with the teacher? Where are their backpacks? Do they look happy? The conversation ideas are endless!

Also, I included a collection of worksheets that feature different emotions your child may experience when going to school. Completing these worksheets will not only give your child a vocabulary to express her own emotions about school but it will also help her see that all children are feeling the same things she is.

Lastly, the e-book includes a page for your child to write what she loves about school. If your child is able, encourage her to write the words herself. If she’s too young to write letters and words, she can dictate her ideas to you and you can write them on the sheet.

Enjoy this exciting “back to school” season!

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