It’s time for more Dolch sight word flashcards!

By now your child has likely started to accumulate a nice number of sight words in his repertoire. I am sure he is finding these words helpful as he reads increasingly challenging material and you are probably noticing that your child’s reading is becoming smoother and more fluent. Watching children grow from halting, struggling readers to comfortable, confident and fluent readers is such a joy! To encourage this growth, I created flashcards for the second grade set of Dolch sight words (scroll down past the pre-primer, primer and first grade sight word flashcards on the same page).

Second grade Dolch sight word flashcards

Learning sight words can be tedious if your child just focuses on the rote memorization aspect of learning sight words, so I am always looking for interesting ways to help children memorize new words.  Here’s one game you can play with your child to make learning more exciting.

The next time your child learns three new words, stop before introducing the next three words. Take the three flashcards he just learned and turn them face down on the table and shuffle them around. Ask your child to say which sight word he will search for. Then let him turn a card over and read it.  If it is the word he named, he scores one point. If not, he must choose another card. If the second card he picks is the word he named, he gets two points. If that is not the word, he must turn over the last card, read it to confirm that it is the word he named, and then get three points. Next, it is your turn to hunt for one word among the same three words. You can play several rounds of this game, alternating turns each round. In this game, the first player to accumulate 10 points loses.

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