Introducing the Number Parade (and meet the Number 1)

Since the 26-week long Alphabet Parade was such a hit, I’m going to to follow it with a 10-week Number Parade!  Each week, four new number worksheets will join the existing collection of Math and Number worksheets on the website and will help introduce your child to the numbers 1 through 10.

This week I am thrilled to introduce the number 1!

Kindergarten worksheets - number 1

The first worksheet will provide your child with an introduction to the shape of each number, the amount each number represents, and the word for each number. When looking at this worksheet with your child, encourage him to use the index finger on his dominant hand to trace the shape of the number. Then ask him to point to the pictures on the page and count them aloud. Lastly, draw his attention to the number word on the page. Say aloud the name of each letter in the word and direct your child to point to the letters as you say them. This exposure will help him add the number words to his sight word vocabulary and recognize them when he sees them in print at a later date.

The second worksheet is a number scramble that will test your child’s ability to identify each of the numbers. Many numbers have very similar appearances, so your child will need keen visual discrimination skills to successfully draw a single line from the starting number to the ending number.

The third worksheet will challenge your child to count different groups of items and circle those groups that contain the designated number. This activity provides important practice counting with one-to-one correspondence, as each item must be counted exactly once for your child to accurately complete the worksheet. As your child looks at each group of items, encourage him to use the index finger on his dominant hand to lightly touch each item as he counts it.

The fourth and final worksheet asks your child to identify the plate with the correct number on it and then load that plate with the designated number of food items. After cutting apart the 12 foods at the bottom of the page, your child will need to count carefully as he picks foods to put on the plate. Encourage your child to count aloud as he places the food pictures on the correct plate without gluing them down. Once he believes he has the correct number of food items on the plate, ask him to count aloud as he pastes each picture down. This will give him an opportunity to double-check his work and to count aloud to the designated number a second time.

When your child has finished the four worksheets each week, don’t forget to print the corresponding tracing numbers worksheet to help your child learn how to properly write each number.

Coming next week: The number 2!

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