Introducing The Alphabet Parade

During the next 26 weeks, I will be introducing the letters of the Alphabet Parade. Each Sunday night, a different letter of the alphabet will “parade” into the collection of kindergarten worksheets together with tips and activity suggestions for introducing your child to that particular letter.

Kindergarten worksheets - introducing the alphabet parade

The Alphabet Parade Letter Order

You’ll quickly notice that the Alphabet Parade does not begin with the letter A. In teaching hundreds of kindergarten children during my career, I learned that the alphabetical order of A to Z is not the most efficient or productive way for children to learn the letters.

Instead, I suggest introducing the letters in a specific order that highlights the letters with easier sounds and writing formations first (such as B, M, F and D), leaves the more complex sounding letters until the end (such as E, Q and X), and avoids introducing two similar sounding or looking letters around the same time (such as P and B or M and N). For more information on why I suggest this order, please review my Tips For Introducing Children To The 26 Letters.

Tips For Successfully Implementing The Alphabet Parade At Home

In introducing each letter, I will include time-tested strategies from my kindergarten classroom to help you guide your child. Each letter will also come with a collection of six worksheets that will:

  • Introduce your child to the letter;
  • Give your child an opportunity to practice identifying the letter written alone and as part of a word;
  • Introduce your child to the letter’s sound; and
  • Teach your child how to properly write the uppercase and lowercase versions of the letter.

The worksheets within each letter’s collection progress from basic skills (such as recognizing the letter printed individually and as part of a word) to intermediate skills (such as identifying the sound made by each letter) to advanced skills (such as properly writing each uppercase and lowercase letter).

Without further ado, the first letter (or Grand Master, if you will) of the Alphabet Parade: The Letter B.

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