Halloween activities to hone visual discrimination skills

Halloween is often a favorite holiday for kids and who can blame them - candy and costumes galore! In keeping with the “fun” of the Halloween season, you can also help your child hone visual discrimination skills while he plays games with you.

Here is a list of some activities you can create using Halloween pictures, costumes, and candy that will entertain your little ones while they practice visual discrimination by looking for details and differences in objects.

  • Create your own 3D visual discrimination worksheet using the snack-sized candy that is so readily available the time of year. Choose three alike pieces of candy and a fourth piece that is similar (such as Milky Way and Snickers fun sized bars - both in brown wrappers) and randomly place them in a line. Ask your child to pick the candy that is different. Or put four alike candies in a row, but change one in a small way (such as three wrapped red Jolly Ranchers and one unwrapped red Jolly Rancher candy piece). Ask your child to find the different candy and tell you why it is different. Or simply alter the wrapper of one piece of candy and place it among three others to see if your child can spot the difference. As you can see, you can make this game as easy or as challenging as you like.
  • Look through store circulars and cut out pictures of similar costumes. Then ask your child to spot the differences and the similarities between the two costumes. (Perhaps one pirate costume comes with an eye patch and the other does not, for example.)
  • Find Halloween pictures and decorations and quiz your child on specific elements or details that can be seen. For instance, let your child examine a picture of a jack-o-lantern and answer questions about the number of teeth it has or the shape of the nose.
  • Take a walk in your neighborhood and ask your child to spot Halloween decorations on houses or in store windows. Ask him to describe what he sees or to compare the decorations on one house to those on another nearby house.
  • Play a version of “I Spy” as you shop or walk through the neighborhood. For this game, spot and name specific details on Halloween decorations and ask your child to find them.
  • Find a variety of small gourds and/or pumpkins at your local grocery store. Choose pairs of gourds that are alike and find several different pairs. Then give your child the entire group of gourds and ask him to match the alike gourds.


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