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As your child learns more and more sight words he is likely becoming a confident and comfortable reader. To continue to fuel his confidence, I have added sight word sentences for the new list of Second grade Dolch sight words that I added to the website last week. The beauty of these sentences is that they contain only words that your child already knows so he will very likely be able to read these sentences smoothly and fluently with little or no need to stop and decode. 

Second grade Dolch sight word sentences

As you know, children must learn new sight words using rote memorization, reviewing each word until they are able to memorize what the word says. Often their pride in learning “big words” or “adult words” keeps their interest and I suggest counting and keeping track of how many words your child learns to help them monitor their progress.

However, introducing new games or activities is always helpful in keeping learning fun. For example, after your child reads the sentences that correspond with the Second grade Dolch sight words, you can give him more reading practice and maintain his interest with these additional activities:

  • Spread the Second grade sight word flashcards on a table. After your child reads a sentence, take the sentence sheet away (or turn it over) and ask your child to remember and pick out the words that were in the sentence. After your child successfully picks all the words in the sentence, replace the flashcards and let your child choose another sentence to read.
  • Again spread the flashcards on a table. This time, let your child pick two or three cards and create his own sentence. Once a card is used, place it to the side. Challenge your child to make sentences until all of the cards are used.
  • Ask your child to create more sentences with the flashcards, but add a comical element to this game by placing the cards face down on the table. Now your child can blindly choose two or three cards and try to create a silly sentence using those words.

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