Get abstract with place value challenges

Children who have worked with place value worksheets should be familiar with the idea that two-digit numbers indicate a specific amount of tens and additional ones. The concrete exercise of placing beans into appropriate squares and then moving them to the left into the tens circles helps children understand the position of tens and ones in two-digit numbers.

Once children are comfortable with the knowledge that a two-digit number represents a specific amount of tens and ones, you can solidify this knowledge through exercises that are more abstract, as they do not require the counting of tangible beans or the physical movement of ten individual beans into a single “tens” circle.

Kindergarten worksheets - Place value worksheets

The place value worksheets in this latest collection will challenge your child to identify exactly how many ones or groups of ten are represented by a given two-digit number.

As your child completes these worksheets, remind her to read each sentence slowly (or read it aloud slowly for your child), so she can clearly hear whether the prompt is asking her to focus on the number of tens or the number of ones in a given two-digit number. There is a big different between having nine ones and nine tens, for example (it’s the difference between having 9 and 90), so strong listening skills are just as essential as strong math skills when completing these worksheets.

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