Fun with family pets

Most children enjoy animals and many children have pets of their own. Since there are many types of animals, helping children learn to categorize and sort animals into appropriate groups is an important skill. I previously created a set of farm animal worksheets and this set of pets worksheets will help to widen a child’s exposure to different types of animals.

Family pets worksheets

These pets worksheets include a wide variety of pets, including the popular cat, dog, fish, and bird. These worksheets also include some less common animals such as mice, rabbits, frogs, and snakes. You may explain to your child that a pet is typically an animal that is able to live inside a home with a family and that it is cared for by the people in the home. Also, some pets can be held and snuggled, such as cats and dogs, whereas other pets can only be observed, such as fish.

The first two pets worksheets introduce the word for each animal and give children practice writing the word. After your child writes the word, ask her to drag her pointer finger slowly under the letters of the word as she repeats it to you.

The next two worksheets ask children to identify and distinguish pets from other types of animals. Once again, sorting skills will be used along with knowledge about animals. Visual discrimination skills are also honed in this exercise as your child must carefully observe the details in each picture to correctly identify each animal.

This set of worksheets about pets can also serve as a catalyst for interesting discussions with your child about animals and pets. Does your child have a pet?  If so, what does she like about this pet? If not, would she like to have one? Which animal would she choose and why?  Does she know other animals that would make good pets? How would she take care of the animal?

Have fun exploring the world of pets with your child as she practices important readiness skills.

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