Free E-book: Early Writing For Little Hands

We recently published our first e-book: Early Writing For Little Hands (download from our kindergarten worksheets page).

E-book: Early Writing for Little Hands

Learning about the 26 letters is an essential party of any early childhood education. This includes learning to identify each letter, learning the sound(s) each letter makes, and learning to properly write each letter. With 26 letters in the alphabet, plus uppercase and lowercase versions of each letter, learning about the letters is a formidable task for school-aged children.

This e-book discusses simple tricks for teaching your child the 26 letters and the sounds each letter makes. For example, Tip #1 is “Don’t start with the Letter A.” In addition to these tips, the e-book explains the importance of teaching your child the proper pencil grip and explains how to ensure your child has the correct grip. Lastly, the e-book includes a compilation of all 52 of our letter tracing worksheets (one for each uppercase and lowercase letter).

With the right information and a little practice at home, your child can start school with a strong foundation of letter awareness and strong letter writing skills.

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