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I am so excited to announce that I created a workbook that contains a massive collection of worksheets (over 450 total worksheets) covering all the basic school readiness skills. The workbook also includes a suggested daily schedule that outlines how to effectively work with your child in less than one hour a day, plus countless tips and activity suggestions for accelerating your child’s skill development in fun and engaging ways. The workbook is designed to help any child begin preschool or kindergarten prepared to succeed!

School Sparks workbook

Since I started creating worksheets in March 2011, I have received a steady stream of emails from wonderful parents and teachers who loved the worksheets available on the website but were getting frustrated with having to print them one page at a time on their home computer. I loved the idea of offering the worksheets in a more easy-to-access manner. So this winter I began putting together a workbook that parents and teachers could purchase for far less than the cost of printing the worksheets at home. Thanks to the wonderfully supportive printing press I used and some fantastic shipping discounts, the workbook is only $28 and includes FREE shipping!

Please head over to the website to learn more about this workbook. While I hope the picture I have on the website does the workbook justice, I just have to share that the workbook is the size of a thick phone book and just as heavy!

Thank you all for your wonderful support of School Sparks and I hope you enjoy the workbook as much as I enjoyed putting it together for you.

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