Easy-to-read sentences make reading fun

If your child is beginning to learn the Third grade Dolch sight words flashcards, he is likely beginning to read with some fluency and increased confidence. To foster his interest and continue to bolster his confidence, I have created corresponding lists of sentences that use the Third grade Dolch sight words as well as sight words from the previous lists that your child likely already knows.

Third grade Dolch sight word sentences

These sentences provide a wonderful opportunity to point out to your child or review basic punctuation, including periods, commas, and question marks. Remind your child that the period means “stop,” the comma means “pause,” and the question mark means that his voice gets a bit higher on the last word. When your child first starts reading the sight word sentences on each page, instead of beginning with the first sentence, ask him to name a punctuation mark and find a sentence with that specific mark. Then let him read the sentence to demonstrate how to read with the proper attention to the punctuation.

Because most (if not all) of the words in these sentences will be familiar to your child, ask him to try to read the sentences with inflection and a conversational tone to his voice. When he reads a question, for example, ask him to read the sentence as if he is actually asking you this question. To make the activity more realistic and fun, you can provide a hypothetical answer each time he reads aloud a question from the list of sight word sentences.

To make reading these sight word sentences even more fun and interesting for your child, try cutting the sentences into separate strips. Place the strips in an envelope and let your child close his eyes and pick a sentence. If he reads the sentence smoothly, he can keep the strip. Or he can paste each strip he reads on a colorful piece of construction paper and challenge himself to fill several sheets of paper with sentence strips.

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