Easter math worksheets

The Easter holiday traditions lend themselves very well to practice with math skills. Counting Easter eggs or candy can be just the start of fun math games at this time of year. The cute illustrations that symbolize the Easter holiday will no doubt engage your child’s interest as he hones important math skills.

Easter worksheets

These 11 Easter math worksheets begin with counting practice. Remind your child to touch each picture as he counts to be sure that he is counting accurately. The first worksheet will challenge him to count up to 10 while the second and third worksheets will give him practice distinguishing between two visually similar numbers and accurately counting the corresponding amount of items for each number. Particularly relevant this time of year, these counting worksheets will get him ready to count the amount of chocolate mini-eggs or jelly beans he finds in his basket!

Graphing can also be fun with the adorable Easter illustrations. For most children, pictographs are easier to complete than bar graphs, so I suggest introducing the Easter pictographs first. For these worksheets, your child will be able to actually paste a picture in each square, so there is no opportunity to miscount.

The Easter bar graph worksheets ask your child to count the amount of each specific picture and color a square for each picture counted. As your child counts each picture, suggest to him that he mark through the picture and then color in the square to be sure that each picture is counted only one time.

The patterns worksheet will ask your child to recognize the pattern on each line and also identify the picture that is missing. Remind him that looking at the entire line will help him see the pattern, as some patterns have missing pictures at the start rather than at the end of the line. Allow your child to paste his pictures on the page only after the entire page is completed to be sure that he is correct. He can easily fix any error if the pictures are not pasted onto the page.

A sorting and classifying worksheet comes next. After all of the pictures are cut out, allow your child to play with the placement of the pictures as he talks out loud about his classification system. Is he separating the food items from non-food items or is he looking at the dominant color of the pictures? As long as your child can verbalize his sorting and classifying criteria and is able to follow criteria he articulated, he is completing the worksheet correctly. It may be fun to copy these classifying worksheets several times to give your child the opportunity to think of different ways to sort the pictures.

A colorful Easter ordinal number worksheet is next that features the ordinal numbers first, second and third. These three ordinal numbers are the easiest for children to learn and the most commonly used.

Lastly, now that your child’s math skills are completely warmed up, there is one Easter addition worksheet. With adorable baby chicks, full Easter baskets and delicious chocolate bunnies, this worksheet will surely capture your child’s attention.

If you are celebrating Easter this weekend, I hope that your baskets overflow with candy and that your hearts overflow with joy. smile Happy Easter!

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