Cutting + Gluing = Fun

My four year old son, Joshua, found basic cutting interesting for only a week or so — about as long as it took him to do all of the online cutting worksheets a few times. After he finished the advanced curves and zig zags worksheets, he looked at me as if to say, “Now what?”

The easiest way I found to keep him engaged in cutting activities was to combine cutting with his new-found love: glue!

Whenever he seems to be in the mood for a project, I draw lines, curves and shapes on pieces of blank paper. I encourage him to cut along the lines and put the resulting pieces in a pile. (Or I just print out a cutting worksheet and let him make a pile of the squiggly lines or small squares he gets when he cuts the lines on those worksheets.)

Once he is satisfied with his pile, I give him a small cup of glue with a cotton swab as a dipper. Sometimes he likes pasting all the pieces right on top of each other and other times he likes trying to paste them together so they (roughly) re-form the original 8.5x11 piece of paper. I encourage him to hold the cotton swab with the pincer grip, just like he’s holding a pencil, so he gets a little extra fine motor skills practice.

To keep the activity interesting, I sometimes make two of the same hand-drawn pages or printed worksheets. After he cuts out and glues back together the pieces from the first page, I give him the second (identical sheet) and challenge him to glue the cut pieces together in a different way. The end results looks like this:

cutting and gluing activity

By adding a little glue, cutting has become his new favorite activity.

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