Celebrate the Fourth of July with your child

The Fourth of July is an exciting holiday to celebrate for several reasons. To begin with, it commemorates our nation’s freedom. It also has many unique and special items associated with it, such as fireworks, sparklers and flags. This holiday is also right in the middle of summer, so the celebrations often include some fun summer activities, such as picnics, parades and fun in the sun. With some engaging Fourth of July worksheets, you can make sure this holiday is an educational one for your child, in addition to being fun.

Fourth of July worksheets

These worksheets offer a perfect opportunity for young children to keep their skills sharp while learning about this important American holiday. During or after completing each worksheet, you can use the pictures and sight words to generate additional conversations with your child about the meaning of freedom and why Americans celebrate it on this special day. Or, you can work with your child to create flags by encouraging him to draw different pictures (some that relate to the holiday and others that may depict his family or a favorite activity) and then help him paste those pictures on wooden skewers or unused wooden chopsticks. You can explain how flags are not just for the Fourth of July but can be used to make any occasion more festive.

I hope you have a fun-filled Fourth of July holiday with your child!

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