Alphabet Parade: Letter T Worksheets and Activity Suggestions

The letter T is totally thrilled to be joining the Alphabet Parade this week.

The six letter T worksheets will help introduce your child to the letter T.  The worksheets cover the sound made by the letter T, how to spot the letter T in printed words, and how to write the uppercase and lowercase versions of the letter T. As with all alphabet parade worksheets, each worksheet includes extra tips and activity suggestions you can try at home to help your child quickly gain comfort with this letter.

Kindergarten worksheets - letter T

Most children are generally familiar with the letter T, since it is a common letter in printed words and the sound made by the letter T is a common sound in the English language. Help your child learn to make the correct sound by pointing to the letter T as you make the corresponding T sound and encouraging him to repeat the sound after you. Using a familiar book, have your child turn the pages, pointing to each uppercase or lowercase T that he finds. As he points to each one, ask him to make the correct sound for the letter T. Or, encourage your child to repeat silly tongue twisters such as “Tommy tied tomatoes to Teddy’s toe” to give him extra practice making the correct T sound.

The uppercase and lowercase versions of the letter T are also relatively easy for children to master. Both letters have one longer vertical line and one shorter horizontal line. The challenge in writing the uppercase letter T is for your child to remember that the top horizontal line should be centered on the vertical line. 

The challenge in writing the lowercase letter t is for your child to remember that the vertical line does not extend all the way to the top as with the uppercase T and does not start in the middle of the line like most lowercase letters. When learning to write the lowercase letter t on the letter tracing page, It may help to explain to your child that the lowercase t needs to begin above the dashed middle line so that the horizontal line of the lowercase t can sit right on that middle line but still cross through the vertical line.

Coming Next Week: The Letter L.

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