Alphabet Parade: Letter R Worksheets and Activity Suggestions

Get ready! The letter R is racing to join the Alphabet Parade. The six letter R worksheets cover the sound made by the letter R, allow children to practice spotting the letter R in printed words as well as practice writing the uppercase and lowercase versions of the letter R. As with all Alphabet Parade worksheets, each worksheet includes extra tips and activity suggestions you can try at home to help your child quickly gain comfort with this letter.

Kindergarten worksheets - letter R

Producing the sound for the letter R can be challenging for children, which is why it is one of the last consonants I suggest introducing to children. This sound is made when the sides of the tongue press on the upper back teeth while the lips purse together then open. Ask your child to feel his tongue push against his “biting teeth” in the back of his mouth when saying the R sound. To practice making the sound of R, show your child objects of various colors, many being red. Ask him to name the color. You can also teach your child a silly cheer that includes frequent repetition of the sound made by the letter R such as, “Rah, rah, shish-boom-bah!” and ask him to march around your living room while saying the cheer.

Writing the uppercase R is similar to writing the uppercase P (which your child has already learned if you are following along with this Alphabet Parade), with the addition of a single diagonal line drawn without picking up the pencil. The challenge with this letter is to keep the pencil on the paper when switching directions to make that diagonal line as a child’s natural tendency may be to pick up the pencil after he writes the familiar letter P.

The lowercase r is very similar to the lowercase n, making it an easy letter for children to learn to write. The trick with writing the lowercase letter r is to make sure your child gets a nice hook on the top of the letter.  Also, remind your child to keep his pencil on the paper and to retrace the first vertical line before making the hook.

Coming Next Week: The Letter A.

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