Alphabet Parade: Letter N Worksheets and Activity Suggestions

The Letter N is the newest letter in the Alphabet Parade. The letter N brings with it a collection of new worksheets: worksheets that feature the sound made by the letter N; worksheets that teach children how to spot the letter N in printed words; and worksheets that show how to write the uppercase and lowercase versions of the letter N. Each letter N worksheet also includes extra activity suggestions you can try at home with your child to help him quickly learn all about the letter.

Kindergarten worksheets - letter N

When making the correct N sound, your lips remain open—unlike when making the correct M sound. To underscore this point, ask your child to watch your mouth as you say the N sound. Then say the M sound and point out how your lips are closed when making the M sound but open when making the N sound. You may need to verbally direct your child to place his tongue behind his top, front teeth as he makes the N sound, since he will not be able to see the position of your tongue while you are making the correct sound.

The uppercase N is written by first drawing one long vertical line downward, then picking up the pencil, going back to the top of the line you just drew and then drawing a diagonal line down before changing direction sharply at the bottom to create the second vertical line. The challenge with writing the uppercase N is to get the vertical lines parallel and to make sure the corners have sharp points.

Unlike the uppercase N that has crisp corners, the lowercase n has one smooth hump. This letter is made without lifting the pencil, so the challenge is to write the lowercase letter n in one smooth stroke. After making the first, downward stroke, direct your child to rest for a split second, keeping the pencil on the paper. Then encourage him to change direction with the pencil, going up and around to make one smooth hump.

Coming Next Week: The letter W.

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