Alphabet Parade: Letter B Worksheets and Activity Suggestions

The letter B is the perfect first letter to kick off the Alphabet Parade. Its sound is easy to say, it is relatively easy to write, and it is a common letter your child will see in nearly every book, store sign, or food label he encounters.

The six letter B worksheets will give your child ample practice identifying the correct sound made by the letter B, identifying the letter B written independently and as part of a word, and learning to write the letter B. Each worksheet also includes extra tips for reinforcing knowledge of the letter B in simple ways at home.

Kindergarten worksheets - letter B

When introducing the letter B to your child, show him how the uppercase letter B is characterized by one straight line with the two loops at the side and the lowercase b is just half of the uppercase letter, with only one loop. The key to this letter is remembering that the loops go to the right of the straight line.

It is easiest to introduce the sound made by the letter B by saying a few short, one-syllable words that begins with the letter B, such as bat or big. As you say each word, emphasize the starting sound but avoid pausing after saying that initial sound. Overemphasizing the first sound and pausing after saying it will inadvertently transform the one-syllable word into a two-syllable word, “buh-at” or “buh-ig.” Adding an extra syllable will only confuse your child and delay his understanding of the proper sound made by this letter.

Coming Next Week: The Letter M

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