Additional Shapes Worksheets For Added Fun

Last week I wrote about the importance of helping children learn to recognize common shapes. I also included 12 shapes worksheets to help your child practice identifying and drawing the circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, and heart. With that foundation of skills, you can introduce your child to the remaining shapes which are generally more challenging to identify and draw: star; diamond; trapezoid; pentagon; hexagon; and octagon.

Kindergarten worksheets - learning the shapes

This new set of 12 shapes worksheets will give your child important practice identifying these complex shapes.

You can begin with the worksheets that ask your child to first trace over each shape and then draw each shape two additional times. This will give him important practice drawing the shape which helps solidify an understanding of each shape’s form. Before your child attempts to trace the shape with his pencil, ask him to trace over the dotted lines with the pointer finger of his dominant hand. Then ask him to trace the shape with his pencil. Once your child can comfortably identify the form of each shape, you can challenge him to complete the next set of worksheets which ask him to find the featured shape among many different shapes.

For added drawing practice at home, you can encourage your child to identify shapes he sees around your home and to trace them. For example, he can place a cup on a piece of paper and trace along the rim to create a circle. Or he can place a piece of thin white paper over the top of a book and trace the shapes that appear on the book’s cover. Using the words on the shapes worksheets as a guide, you can challenge an older child to label each shape by writing the shape’s name next to the shape he has drawn on the paper.

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