Add some math fun to Halloween!

Halloween is quickly approaching and kids are no doubt excited about receiving candy and wearing costumes. But additional Halloween fun can be had with some colorful Halloween math worksheets that use Halloween pictures to captivate your child’s interest.

Halloween math worksheets

To begin, there are three counting worksheets featuring pumpkins, ghosts, witches, and jack-o-lanterns. As your child counts, remind her to touch each picture just one time as she counts to practice one-to-one correspondence. There are also two additional counting worksheets that ask your child to paste a specific number of apples on the tree. Putting one apple on the tree for each number she counts will reinforce accuracy and understanding of one-to-one correspondence.

Next there are two graphing pages that require sorting skills as well as accurate counting. Begin with the pictograph page, as children actually paste pictures into the appropriate columns, making this a concrete math activity. If your child can cut accurately, allow her to cut apart the pictures herself. Otherwise, cut the pictures for her in advance of showing her the worksheet. On the bar graph worksheet, children are asked to simply mark each box to represent a picture from the group at the top of the page. Suggest to your child that she mark an X over each picture as she counts it and then mark an X in a box above the appropriate column. In this way, she can easily keep track of the number of pictures she is counting. For both graphing worksheets, remind your child to start at the bottom of the graph, showing her that the number 1 is at the bottom and the numbers increase in amount as the column grows taller.

The pattern completion worksheet asks children to look at each row and determine the pattern of the pictures. Suggest that your child say the picture names aloud as she points to the pictures in the pattern sequence. Before asking your child to look at the patterns, have the pictures cut and ready to be pasted in the proper empty box.

The ordinal number worksheet page gives directions using the ordinal numbers. You can continue to provide practice by giving your child additional prompts using the remaining pictures on the page. For instance, after your child completes the top half of the worksheet, you might ask her to draw a circle around the second picture and draw a face on the third picture. Give additional instructions for the pictures at the bottom of the page, also.

Finally, some fun addition problems are featured on a worksheet featuring the Halloween pictures. After your child completes the addition page, consider asking her to write one or two addition problems on a separate page and illustrate the number sentence with simple shapes in the style of the worksheets, placing the appropriate amount of pictures above each number in the sentence.

Have a fun and safe Halloween!


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